Friday, December 08, 2006

Another new project lol

Okay So i've been MIA for a few months.. I still haven't finished 1 project. I start them then I mess something up and I end up taking it all apart or just dropping it all together. So now instead of me using expensive yarns for my first project. I am just using el cheapo acrylic for a practice run of the project im working on.. So I am currently working on a baby hat. I am using this pattern and I am doing the preemie size because its the quickest.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The new project.

Something new

Okay.. So I got board with the baby blanket. I decided to make the ribbed for her pleasure scarf from stitch N B*tch. I used lamb's pride bulky 85% wool 15% mohair yarn in m-13 fuchsia.

Ribbed For her pleasure scarf

So I got bored with the baby blanket and started the ribbed for her pleasure scarf in the Stitch N b*tch book. I'm using lambs pride bulky yarn in fuschia

Friday, August 11, 2006

WTF is wrong with this blanket

Okay so here it goes.. This is my so-called blanket. It calls for 126 cast ons and then k1,p1 for 20 rows. My problem is this gap in the yarn that gets bigger and bigger as I go on. Is this normal?

I never would have imagined....

That I would love knitting so much!! One day while reading my favorite message boards at I run across the craft section and see women talking about knitting. So I go to my local ben franklin, pic up a cheap knitting book, and some needles. I've been a knitting fool ever since. I didn't know that knitting could be so a addictive and (expensive) My first real project is a baby blanket for my son who shall be ariving Dec 26, 2006. I'm using kuigo hand painted wool and size 9 circular needles. I'll keep everyone updated.